Officers of the Montreal Conference


Chairman of the conference

Chief Justice Jules Deschens, Chief Justice of Quebec

Commissions of Montreal Conference

​Commission of International Judges
Chairs: Judge Oxner and Batonnier Pettiti

​Commission of National Judges
Chairs: Justice Gonthier and Professor Shimon Shetreet

​Commission of Lawyers
Chairs: Bttonier Louis Phillippe de Grandpre, and Debo Akande

​Commission of the Jury
Chairs: Chief Justice William Sinclair and Mr. James Parkison

​Commission of the Assessors
Chairs: Judge Guerin and Judge Poirier

Other Contributors of Papers in the conference

Mauro Cappelletti

Debo Akande

Marc-Andrg Ballard,

​Judge Jules Deschenes

Bttonier Louis Phillippe de Grandpre

​Judge Guerin

Justice Haese, 

Justice Gonthier

Professor Mark MácGuigan,

Lord Lane

​Judge Oxner

Mr. James Parkison


Judge Poirier

​Simone Rozes

Professor Shimon Shetreet

Manfred Simon
​William Sinclair

​L. M. Singhvi,

Sir Ninian Stephen

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