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The Montreal Decleration 1983


The Montreal Declaration 

Montreal Declaration, The Universal Declaration on The Independence of Justice was unanimously adopted at the final plenary session of the first world conference on the independence of justice held at montreal (quebec, canada) on june 10th, 1983

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Montreal Conference 1983

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Montreal Publications

Shimon Shetreet and Jules Deschenes, Judicial Independence: The Contemporary Debate (1985 Martinus Nijhoff).

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Montreal Participants

130 distinguished jurists took part in the conference.  The leaders ,,,  the chairs are as follows:

​Chairman of the conference: Chief Justice Jules Deschens, Cheif Justice of Quebeq 1983

Chairs of Commissions of Montreal Conference

​Commission of International Judges: Chairs: Judge Oxner and Batonnier

Commission of National Judges: Chairs: Justice Gonthier and Professor Shimon Shetreet

Commission of Lawyers: Chairs: Bttonier Louis Phillippe de Gramdpre, and Debo Akande

Commission of the Jury: Chairs: Chief Justice William Sinclair and Mr. James Parkison

Commission of the Assessors: Chairs: Judge Guerin and Judge Poirer

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