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The International Conference on Judicial Independence, Vadouz, Liechtenstein 2007


Judicial Independence Project


Zurich area Conference - 30th of November-2nd of December 2007


Draft Program

To: members of the judicial independence project,
Participants of the conference in the Zurich area - 30th of November-2nd of December.
Please be advised of the details of the gathering in the Zurich area, as follows:

a. Travel arrangements and accommodations

The accommodation will be in a hotel near Sargans and the train station for the conference location is Sargans, Switzerland. The

participants will be picked up from the train station to the hotel (for info in Saragans see:

Also, we will try to arrange a mini-van to take the participants from Zurich airport to the hotel (around one hour car travel) .Please notify us on your flight arrangements, so we can see if a sufficient number of participants can arrive in proximity of time to be picked up together from the airport to the hotel.

b. Discussions schedule and venue
The discussions of the group will take place at board room in  the office of Mr. Markus Buchel. The participants will be transferred from the hotel to the office after check-in (a 10 minute drive).

Schedule of discussions

Friday, November 30th 2007
16:00-19:00: general discussion of the main issues of judicial independence and  the discussion points in the working paper (a preliminary draft is attached).

• Opening remarks

                - Professor Marcel Storme - Ghent University, President of the World-Association of Procedural Law - chairman of the

                  group discussion
                - Professor Shimon Shetreet - Director, Sacher Institute of Comparative Law, Greenblat Chair of Public and International

                  Law, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem - general coordinator, judicial independence project
                - Professor Christopher F. Forsyth - Director Centre of Public Law, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge - co-

                  chairman, Jerusalem conference on judicial independence 2008

• General discussions

Evening: dinner

Saturday - December 1st 2007

7:30-9:30: Breakfast at the hotel

9:30: transfer to the conference venue


10:00-12:00: Discussion of focus issues:
                1. Constitutional protection of independence vis-à-vis the other branches of government
                2. Court administration
                3. Judicial selection
                4. Tenure  and promotion

• Opening remarks

              -  Professor Keith Uff - Executive Secretary General, World -Association of Procedural Law, Faculty of Law, University of Birmingham
              -  Prof  HP Lee,  Monash University
              -  Professor Anton Cooray - The School of Law, City University of Hong Kong

12:00-13:30: Lunch

13:30-15:30: Discussion of focus issues:

              1. Remuneration
              2. Immunities and privileges
              3. Budgets and resources for judiciary: state responsibilities
              4. Responsibilities of judiciary and judges
              5. Rights of judiciary and judges

• Opening remarks

               - Prof Fryderyk Zoll Jagellonian University Krakow
               - Dr. Cyrus Das - Senior Lawyer and Jurist - Malaysia

15:30-16:00: coffee break

16:00-18:00: discussion of focus issues:
             1. Ad-hoc Judges
             2. International judges
             3. Judicial review and appeal
             4. Judicial disqualifications

• Opening remarks

Dr. Yuval Shany - Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

18:00-20:00: Discussion of focus issues:
             1. Judicial disclosure
             2. Misconduct on and off the bench
             3. Discipline removal and resignation
             4. Limits on retired judges
             5. Arbitrators

• Opening remarks
- H.E. Advocate Markus Buechel - Senior Lawyer, Liechtenstein
- Professor Asher Maoz - Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law
- Prof Yitzhak Hadari Tel Aviv University

Sunday - December 2nd


7:30-9:30: Breakfast at the hotel

9:30: transfer to the conference venue

10:00-12:00: focus issues:
            1. International judges
            2. International Arbitrators
            3. International tribunals

• General discussions

12:00-13:00: Lunch

13:00-14:00: Concluding discussion

For your convenience, we have attached a Preliminary draft of comparative analysis of the present text of standards of judicial independence.


We are looking forward to meeting you all and looking forward to a fruitful discussion.

We want to express our gratitude to Mr. Markus Buechel for his assistance in the organization of this conference.

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